The Official Consumer Guide To Buying a Business in Australia

The Official Consumer Guide To Buying a Business in Australia

Why should I use Australian Business For Sale to sell my business?

Because... more businesses sell with us! Our results speak for themselves, the best recommendation are the stories of the happy vendors who have successfully sold their small businesses or franchise. The evidence is that we have more genuine testimonials than all other competing websites added together.

How does your website connect my business for sale with buyers?

"Business For Sale" is the most used search phrase business buyers type in Google to search businesses to buy. Because this search term is our URL (or domain name), we always appear No.1 on all organic (unsponsored) Google, Yahoo and Bing search lists.

I hate spam and junk mail and I am very cautious about Internet safety.

Australian Business For Sale is a verified safe site. Your email address is not displayed meaning buyers must complete an enquiry form, which is submitted through our servers and then forwarded to you. If you feel the enquiry is not genuine, you don't need to reply, and your details have been kept private. Our site is also a 'HTTPS' - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS signals the browser to use an added encryption layer of SSL/TLS to protect the traffic, which creates a secure channel

What is "The Official Consumer Guide to Buying a Business in Australia" ?

The guide is a glossy hard copy magazine produced by us and available from Newsagents Australia wide. You can include your business for sale in this printed magazine.

Some websites say they will put my business on other websites. Why does Australian Business For Sale not offer this?

No need to. Australian Business For Sale is one of the top organically ranked sites on all search engines. Companies who offer to list your business on multiple other websites should be researched carefully as, assuming they actually do list your business elsewhere, the sites will probably either be unranked, or clones of the original site. If a website does not appear in the first few pages of a Google search, it will receive virtually no traffic. Most of the time, these "other" sites either do not rank at all, or are really only sub domain's of the same site, so repeating the same content (your business listing) under a different named URL(website name) does nothing to get more buyers. You can be on 100 websites, but if the sites receive no traffic (meaning buyers) it is merely a gimmick and not worth your money.

There are lots of websites, what do you offer that is different?

You will reach more buyers via extra pipelines to business buyers because your business for sale is marketed online and offline through printed Business Directories distributed Australia wide, and exposure in Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo's - direct marketing to buyers. (These exposure packages are only available from Australian Business For Sale.)

My Accountant tells me that a lot of websites are just start-ups and can just as easily disappear. Do you have credible experience?

Australian Business For Sale is a trusted brand with 27 years of experience. Thousands of owners have sold their businesses, from the smallest home based business to multi-million dollar businesses, via our services.

I am a bit of an old school business person and like to speak with people, is that possible with your company?

You can call us during business hours, and speak to a REAL person. You can make an appointment to come to our Sydney office, or talk to one of our business advisors about how to sell your business.

I discovered that some websites try to give an impression they are Aussie but are actually not in Australia.

Australian Business For Sale is proudly 100% Australian Owned and Operated. Because we live and work in Australia, we understand the various social, political, and economic factors affecting business owners, and as small business owners ourselves we deal with all aspects of selling a business here in Australia. We are NOT an overseas company, your money stays in the country. Beware of competing name or look alikes.

Do I have to pay commissions or sign contracts?

You sell your business without signing a contract, and pay NO COMMISSION when it sells. You are not locked in a restricted or exclusive arrangement.