Aye Karumba ! Outback by the sea

KARUMBA - A favourite for tourists from all over Australia and the world. Featuring a school, supermarket, post office, chemist, bakery, butchers, motels and accommodation, take aways,5 caravan parks, tavern, pub, rec club and a multi million dollar Baramundi Discovery & visitor info centre.Sunday markets, bingo, town pool and Gym, car club, gun club, golf in the gulf and a brilliant life style with an amazing and abundant amount of nature. Great for the kids ours hand raised wallabies, tawny frogmouths, a brolga (Betty) a bustard, egrets and Jabaru and don't forget the Fishing! Barramundi, Spanish mackeral you name it.

The FERRYMAN has been operating in Karumba since 1990 with the current owners living the dream since 2005
conducting Croc spotting and Sunset cruises over the Gulf waters of Queenslands west coast. Predominately
seasonal 2/3 of our income is earned during June, July and August
Heaps of potential to expand and grow, maybe a fishing charter in the morning and sunset and croc spot at night during the peak
Certainly opportunities to restart water taxi services to the Northern fleet of prawn trawlers.

Regretful sale due to health concern
Contact Allison 07 47459155 allison@ferryman.net.au

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