Cult Food Outlet Ogalo Coming to - South Melbourne

Ogalo is a successful franchise currently operating stores all over Sydney. We provide a fresh, healthy and delicious alternative to fast food.


5 fast reasons why Ogalo is
the best possible Franchise
Restaurant Option for you.

1 - Tastes like nothing else in the marketplace.

2 - Established business model that has been successful since 1989.

3 - Healthy Alternatives available while authentically Portuguese

4 - FRESH and FUN with a cult following of customers like no other franchise.

5 - Area-Exclusivity


The Ogalo story started with an idea to provide Australians with a home style taste that gave every meal its own character without compromising on our delicious and healthy quality – It's not fast food.... Just great food much quicker!

At Ogalo, we are part of the 'taste revolution', creating our own signature marinade which combines fresh chilli, garden herbs and exotic spices grilled to perfection to seal in the special flavours.

With our success, Ogalo is continuously looking at expanding its brand. If you're looking for an introduction
into the world of franchising, we offer an opportunity to reap all the benefits of our successful brand, recipes and experience.


* Low Risk Business Model

* Low Capital Investment

* Low Franchising Buy In

* Low Royalties and Marketing Levy

* Low fit out costs

* Low need to contractually lock in

* Low Menu restrictions

* Low Mandatory Stock Suppliers

* Low level of compulsory fees, ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING     FEES

* Low COGS Percentage

Cafe and Restaurant | CBD | VIC


Ogalo Portuguese Style Chicken

18/4 Campbell Street,
NSW, 2064

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