Portable Building Business makes you up to $3500+ pw

Looking for an easy-to-run business opportunity for sale?

Don't buy a cafe, pizza shop, Subway or bakery, petrol station or car wash. Make more money working less. This is not a franchise, no ongoing fees; your own business and own brand. That also gives you a 6 figure income.

Why a Portable Building Business-In-a-Box?

  • It's easy to do
  • The Portable Building Business gives you a 6 figure income
  • There is an abundance of work available over a huge range of designs
  • No qualifications required – simply talk to people and organise things
  • It can be set up anywhere, any location, any state in Australia
  • This is flexible; it works perfectly as a part time second business as well as a full time business for those looking for a big income to replace their current jobs

Marketing Support
As part of the Portable Building Business-In-a-Box, a full turnkey marketing system is provided, including back up and support – with no one going fees; go to http://www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/aubfs/

Training Provided
Full details of training and what you receive if accepted into the Portable Building Business-In-a-Box program are available when watching a detailed online video available at http://www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/aubfs/

All you need to do is have the ability to talk to customers and follow systems. You don't need to be a builder or have any building skills. More details about the Portable Building Business in a box program are available when watching a detailed online video at http://www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/aubfs/

Length of Agreement
This is not a Franchise, there are no agreements. This is your own business.

About the Opportunity

What is the Portable Building Business-in-a-Box?

In essence a complete A – Z system to get you up running and going quickly and easily in the highly lucrative Portable Building Business.

  • Complete Sales and Marketing System – everything done for you turn-key; website, brochures, your logo, the lot done and ready to go
  • 3-day face to face training plus a complete system including manuals, DVD and CDS to refer to over and over again
  • Engineered Designs, over 170 floor plans, fabrication manual and much more
  • List of suppliers, price lists, pricing spreadsheets
  • One on one Coaching and Support for the first 12 months – no ongoing fees
  • A complete turnkey system with no restrictions on where and when you can work

Benefits of a Business-In-A-Box

  • You have no franchise fees – this means you invest once and profit for ever
  • You are supported on multiple levels including weekly group coaching, online technical support, one on one coaching
  • As an option we are able to deliver qualified leads directly to your website
  • And much much more register to watch the video at http://www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/aubfs/

Mines, communities, home owners and people from all different walks of life cannot get enough portable buildings, and large manufacturing companies cannot manufacture enough portable buildings.

This creates a HUGE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for someone who is willing to work a little and make plenty of money along the way.

I founded and operated a Portable Building Business; a business that took me lots of time and money to set up and perfect...

You see, even though I have set up and perfected a Portable Building Business I quickly found I couldn't cover the huge demand in the marketplace.

Now I've put all my hard work into an easy-to-follow system so you can start a Portable Building Business no matter where you are in Australia. There are no ongoing fees and we give you everything from Marketing, Engineering, Step-by-Step guidance and support for a full 12 months. You can have an optional Marketing Management Program where we deliver qualified leads directly to you.

For more information register to watch a video and also get an optional information package delivered to you at http://www.portablebuildingcash.com.au/aubfs/

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$39,900 + G.S.T.

Portable Building Cash

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