Vegan Meals Home Delivery Service with Low Overheads

What are the two hottest things in food right now?

Vegan food and home delivery! Here's your chance to get a piece of that action.

Producing healthy homestyle cooked meals and delivering them to the door of a large customer base across Sydney, this meal company offers an amazing opportunity to for growth across a range of sectors (home delivery, retail, health industries (such as hospitals) and a range of other directions that we will reveal.

Using cruelty free ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging and premises that are adaptable enough to produce from a location convenient for the purchaser, this flexible business has potential to become a household Australian name along the lines of Lite n Easy or Youfoodz.

Equipment including 2 freezers, cooking implements, stock, packaging, advertising and admin items. Also included is complete IP including distinctive logo and branding, subscriber list, newsletter and social media channels with strong following.

Forced sale due to personal reasons.

Food and Hospitality | Sydney | NSW


Client No: W279821109

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