Successful Equine Magazine

This equine magazine grew from strength to strength as it initially began as an online magazine and due to demand went into print after its 4th issue and has been operating since 2011.

The equine magazine has been distributed through newsagents across Australia and subscriptions have been in Australia and worldwide. It is a high-end magazine that is fit for any coffee table.

The owner has other commitments and has slowly been existing and reader as still wanting the magazine to continue.

The sale is for the following:
• Intellectual Property (branding and logos)
• Internet and Social Media
• Database/Contact (advertisers & subscribers)
• Production and Distribution contacts
• Training & support

Other benefits:
• Can work from home
• Only require one month's work every quarter

This is perfect for anyone who has a journalist flair and has a love of horses.

Price: $15,000 

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